The Lion at Lions Gate

By March 3, 2016 Projects

The lion has been known throughout history for its courage and strength. While regally presiding over its namesake, you can see an example of these traits in the monument statue placed at the entrance to the Lions Gate residential development.

The statue was sculpted by artist Brent Fluckiger of Rexburg, Idaho, and is approximately one and a half times the size of a male African Lion. The lion sits with his attention forward, and focused attitude. The artist’s estimated size is approximately six feet in height, from the bottom of the front paws to the highest point on the top of the lion’s head.

Atlas Bronze, of Kearns, Utah, cast the bronze statue using the sculpture created by Fluckiger. Upon receiving the sculpted African Lion, they created a mold of the piece, then cast and colored the bronze. The finished sculpture has a Classic French Brown Patina, with very slight color variations to simulate the natural coloring of an actual African Lion.

This carefully crafted statue showcases the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the development of Lions Gate. It features 25 one-acre homesteads designed for custom homes. Lions Gate is one of the more exclusive subdivisions in Eagle, Idaho. This gated community includes many amenities you expect from a luxury development.

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